Introducing.... Delta Dreams

Posted by Aimee Griffiths on

Hello and welcome!!

Congratulations on joining the Delta Dreams Team.  We've been dreaming of this little sleep wellness community for years.

Why? We all need sleep. It's a basic human necessity to survive. It's one of the very few things our body will do involuntarily. That's how much we need it. In theory, we are supposed to spend 1/3 of our lives (8 hours a day) sleeping. In real life, with our busy lives, kids, careers, sports, family, socialising and the mountain of laundry (you know what I'm talking about mums), it's often whatever time is left over gets allocated to sleep. Hint: not much. So we are all in this together! 

We've spent over 11 years learning about sleep and travelled throughout Australia, New Zealand and overseas to learn and teach others about sleep wellness, sleep cycles and inspiring others to improve their sleep.  And have been super blessed to work with some amazing sleep experts from the US and Australia.

Delta Dreams was born to help people be live their healthiest, happiest and most dynamic lives simply by improving their sleep. 

Suggestions and information shared are not medical advice, but practical understanding and simplified information to help more of us understand the processes of sleep.

Once you understand your sleep, it's so much easier to make smart decisions about how you prepare for sleep to make sure you're getting the best rest and recovery possible. And we'll do our best to deliver this message in a way that doesn't need translation. :)

If you have any kind of sleep issues, please speak with your doctor or a medical professional. We need more medical professionals talking about sleep with their patients! We'd probably all be a lot healthier if more doctor-patient conversations were about sleep quality.

So, any information presented is always from a reliable source, and will be referenced where possible. If there's anything you need to ask, we have some amazing contacts in the sleep industry who are professionals and will do our best to reach out to them and get an answer for you. 

What we can guarantee, is that if you can improve your sleep, you will look better, feel uplifted and live your most dynamic life possible!


Sleep well,



Delta Dreams xx