Couples Sleep Eye Mask Pack

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This Couples Sleep Mask Pack contains our REM 3D Sleep Eye Mask and the premium Delta Dreams Pure Silk Sleep Eye Mask.

The Delta Pure Silk Sleep Mask is for the partner who loves their beauty sleep and the REM 3D Sleep Mask is for your practical loved one who wants a super lightweight easy-to-wear sleep mask.

Great for:

- Travel

- Protecting Lashes & Brows

- Meditation

- Blockout Light to help promote deeper sleep

Special memory foam design and most popular eye mask on the market.


1 x Delta Pure Silk Sleep Mask (choice of Black, Silver or Pearl White)

1 x REM 3D Sleep Mask 

Delta Pure Silk Sleep Mask

This silk sleep mask is your first step to help fall asleep faster and deeper sleep.

Softly protects your lashes and brows from damage

Available in Black, Silver or Pearl White

Our bodies are designed to produce melatonin (sleepy hormone) in response to darkness. By regulating our exposure to light, it helps our bodies naturally fall asleep faster and sleep deeper throughout the night.

SBlocks out light to help you find a deep, relaxed sleep

Silk has been proven to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and it's anti-aging properties boost moisture and plump the eye area

Hypoallergenic naturally, to ensure the healthiest sleep possible

Adjustable band for personalised comfort

REM 3D Sleep Mask

Sleep in bliss with the best seller Delta 3D Sleep Mask.

Feels almost weightless, contoured to block out light and sit super comfortably.

Special curve design allows movement of your eyes during REM sleep and keeps makeup in place.

Pack includes REM 3D Sleep Mask, deluxe carry case and ear plugs