Delta Dreams 100% Pure Silk Pillowcase

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Say goodnight to fine lines and frizzy hair and hello to the ultimate beauty sleep!

Silk can minimise hair damage caused by other pillowcase fibres and keep your hair smoother for longer! #iwokeuplikethis

Available in Black, Silver or Pearl White

- Keeps your hair silky and shiny

- Anti-wrinkle and Anti-Aging

- Protects from hair breakage

- Softer on lashes and brows

- Helps your skin retain moisture

- Naturally Anti-microbial for healthier skin

- Our unique luxe tailored border design

Real silk protein also produces no static electricity, so less frizz and more silky morning hair!

Sleep in pure luxury with our 100% Pure Silk Pillowcase made with the finest 22momme 6A (long strand) charmeuse silk.

Silk is naturally soft, hypoallergenic and nourishing to skin, so it will keep your skin soft and may help reduce the appearance of fine lines while you sleep soundly. Cotton pillowcases can leave you with face creases which eventually turn into wrinkles, Silk helps your skin retain moisture and stay beautiful.


 Pillowcase size 50cm x 70cm for pillow insert