Mama's Sleep Essentials Gift Box

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Know a mama who needs better sleep?

Even 6 hours sounds like bliss? If you're not getting the quantity, it's all about the quality baby!

This gorgeous gift box has the perfect sleep essentials for both mum and baby.  Beautifully gift boxed and sent direct to the lucky mum.

The Mama's Sleep Essentials Kit Contains:

1 x Pure Silk Sleep Mask to help reduce the puffy eyes and build your sleepy hormone melatonin.  Choose from Silver, Black or Pearl White

1 x Baby Sleepy Toes magnesium towelettes - our customers rave about these! Just wipe on tops of baby's feet 20 minutes before bed.

1 x Dreamy Sleep Tea - Delta Dreams special blend for your nighttime wind down.

1 x Badger Night Night Balm 21g - apply to pressure points to help soothe baby into sweet slumber

The perfect gift pack for a sleep-deprived mum!