Recovery Magnesium Oil Spray 100ml - Amazing Oils

Recovery Magnesium Oil Spray 100ml - Amazing Oils


Magnesium Oil Recovery Spray 100ml 

The Recovery Range is the original magnesium products with wintergreen and menthol added for sport enthusiasts. 

Magnesium Recovery can assist with:

  • DOMS
  • Sporting Injuries
  • Muscular Cramps & Soreness
  • Supporting Bone Health
  • Promoting Energy Production
  • Restoring Magnesium Levels

Aids or assists in the prevention of muscular cramps and spasms and maintain/support healthy energy levels.
(Use daily for the best results)

Directions: Shake well before use. Apply to affected area/s and rub in. Use as required. If pain persists, contact your health professional.

Active Ingredients: Organically Sourced Magnesium Chloride, Menthol (2.1%), Wintergreen (1.6%).

Magnesium Content:  Ave 100mg elemental magnesium per five (5) sprays.

Sensitive skin/Magnesium Deficient: Any reaction, apply to damp skin for first week.